When talking about traditional barbeque, the first thing that comes to mind for any Indonesian, is of course Satay. Let’s forget the discussion on who actually invented Satay, these delicious skewered meats grilled over flaming charcoal, are loved by everyone. Suffice it to say that Indonesia has many different kinds of satay found around the country. Each region or even island, has its own style, taste, and uniqueness of Satay.. Here are some popular satay you can find around Jakarta.

SATAY AYAM MADURAayam-shutterstock_255580069

This is the most popular satay for Indonesians or even foreigners. It can be easily found everywhere, especially in such big cities. In one main road of Jakarta, you might find three or more street vendor of Satay Madura. Originally from Madura, East Java, this satay is even very common at restaurants and food courts inside the malls.

Type: chicken satay, skin part added to the skewers to make it more fatty.

Characteristics: Topped with peanut sauce with sprinkle of sweet soya sauce (kecap manis).


  • Satay Ayam & Kambing Pak Muri (Sate RSPP)
    Jalan Kyai Maja, Jakarta Selatan.
    Phone: 081546036006.

SATAY LILITlilit-shutterstock_106883711

People who frequent Bali may know of this satay. This satay is usually served as one of the main components in a Nasi Campur Bali platter.

Type: Usually made from minced chicken, prawn, fish or beef, or a mixture of meat and fish items.

Characteristics: Shredded young coconut and lime leaves are added to the satay mixture. Instead of a skewer, the Balinese use lemongrass stick and the satay mixture is formed on the end of the lemongrass. The unique taste and flavor come from the lemongrass as it is grilled.


  • Balinese food stalls around Pura Aditya Jaya
    Jalan Daksinapati Raya, Rawamangun, Jakarta.
  • Ajengan
    Jalan Panglima Polim I, No. 65, Jakarta
    Phone: 021 7220227

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