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At first, I never thought that duck was very common in Serang, Banten. Deep fried duck, duck soup (gerem asem), and satay bebek are all very popular there. While from other satay have a dominant with taste, satay bebek in Serang is savory and spicy.


  • Warung Dahar Sate Bebek Ibu Hj. Halijah
    Jalan Bhayangkara No.4 Cipocok Jaya, Serang, Serang, Banten.
    Phone: 0254 224 774.
  • Sate Bebek Khas Cibeber Larangan.
    Puri Beta I, Jl. Puri Beta Utara Raya No. 9, Larangan, Tangerang Selatan.

SATAY MARANGGIbbq-satay-24

When travelling to Bandung, do visit Purwakarta to taste Satay Maranggi. There are two ways in serving this kind of satay. First, the satay is served with grilled glutinuos rice cakes (ketan bakar) and sambal oncom. Second, the grilled meat comes with sambal cobek made from chili (cabai rawit merah), shallots, and tomatoes.

Type: beef, sometimes there are versions using goat.

Characteristics: Sweet and bold taste, the meat cubes marinated with sweet soya sauce, brown sugar, garlic, challots, and lots of coriander and galanggal.


  • Satay Maranggi Cibungur
    Jalan Raya Cibungur, Purwakarta, Jawa Barat.
    Phone: 0264 351077.
  • Satay Maranggi Ibu Yayah
    Jalan Laboratorium No.3 Kompleks PLN Duren Tiga, Jakarta Selatan.
    Phone: 021 7944104.

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