I have to admit that it’s pretty unusual for the eastern part of Jakarta to get the spotlight for interesting places to eat, but this side of Jakarta has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered but you do need to be persistent in trying to discover them.

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However, the all-day vibrant Jalan Balai Pustaka is a den for foodies to explore – from hawkers, restaurants, cafés and even a bustling supermarket for affordable groceries. When it comes to Jalan Balai Pustaka, Martabak Favourite rises above everybody else with its food truck appearance and a legacy that has lasted for around 30 years.

Martabak Favourite 7This family business is now being run by the second generation. Yudi’s father created an excellent recipe for the martabak dough and has since been well-loved by people from around this area. The thing about martabak is that often we see random stalls poured so many chocolate sprinkles or cheese on top of their martabak but that doesn’t mean that is going to be delicious… Not always. The key lies in the dough recipe and Martabak Favourite does a fantastic job with that.

Martabak Favourite 5Martabak Favourite keeps its martabak size relatively compact but somehow, more affordable. After the dough is cooked properly, it is sent off to the serving station right on the food truck, then the rest of the crew, including Yudi or his wife, will shower the pancake generously with rich Wysman butter and toppings such as chocolate sprinkles, crushed peanuts or cheddar cheese.

While the topping selections may seem classic if compared to those who already leveled up the ante in order to renew public interest over this iconic evening snack, Martabak Favourite still retains a huge number of followers and they even recommend everyone to book their martabak first before coming in straight or risk themselves waiting in the queue.

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If you have made it all this way to East Jakarta, you definitely can’t just leave without tasting their delicious creations.

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