About Us


This is a claim that Foodie Magazine promises to deliver on.

We shall raise the bar for this genre and believes that in doing so, will help usher in the purveyors of amazing flavors in a culture thirsting for something fresh and new.

It will have tongue-in-cheek articles, from the quirky articles to other point of views that come from the major players and leaders in the food industry. Our regular features latest culinary destinations, profiles that will show a different side and other trends that have been making a buzz.

The Foodie culture has evolved in many different forms today. They are both people who enjoy the high and the low, eager to learn and eager to teach, the very thing that binds them together is that they all have a passion for food.

Our publication started in December, 2013 as an online and E-magazine. We aim to use this medium of media to not only inform and entice those who are inspired by culinary personalities but to bring together people who are brought together by their love of food.