Ibu Tobing


The Indonesian Cuisine Walking Dictionary Meet the hidden legend with vast knowledge about Indonesian cuisine, Ibu Hayatinufus Tobing. The unsung heroine shares with us what she had gone through for decades to promote the best from Indonesia through her education and her experiences.

POD Chocolate (Ubud, Bali)

POD Toby

Indonesian chocolate producers are few and far between. Quite an irony since Indonesia is the third largest producer of cacao. Bali based Pod supports local farmers to grow organic cocoa beans to produce a selection of high quality single origin chocolates.

Adriano Zumbo

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Reality TV show MasterChef Australia instantly transformed pâtissier Adriano Zumbo into a household name.  The show featured his croquembouche, macaron tower and V8 cake, and the public simply ‘ate them all up.’  Adriano’s desserts and pastries showed extraordinary skill and easily caught the attention of the public, with their use of very unique ingredients and quirky names.


Martabak Favourite 4

I have to admit that it’s pretty unusual for the eastern part of Jakarta to get the spotlight for interesting places to eat, but this side of Jakarta has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered but you do need to be persistent in trying to discover them.



One can say that it’s a mixture of far-sighted vision, right momentum, and the courage to dive in, but those are the reasons why Astrid Hadywibowo is known for her business initiatives.

The Chocolate Martini


A trip to The Dharmawangsa is always a pleasant experience.   The minute that you enter, the atmosphere immediately changes, it is like entering a big family home, you immediately sense that they want to ensure that your stay is memorable.