Oasis Restaurant


The long history of Oasis was written not only from the time when they first re-introduced again the mythical arrangement of rijsttafel or “rice table” in the menu, but also its historical values as an iconic building from Jakarta’s past –

Ibu Tobing


The Indonesian Cuisine Walking Dictionary Meet the hidden legend with vast knowledge about Indonesian cuisine, Ibu Hayatinufus Tobing. The unsung heroine shares with us what she had gone through for decades to promote the best from Indonesia through her education and her experiences.

The Future of Produced Guides within the Digital Age

The Future of Produced Guides within the Digital Age Through this online your age and time, a great deal changed ever since entry to any tips appears to have been facilitated because of the use E-viewers and capsules are becoming more popular as a result systems develop, but studies suggest that looking through on paper still offers original full advantage.

POD Chocolate (Ubud, Bali)

POD Toby

Indonesian chocolate producers are few and far between. Quite an irony since Indonesia is the third largest producer of cacao. Bali based Pod supports local farmers to grow organic cocoa beans to produce a selection of high quality single origin chocolates.