The Chocolate Martini

A trip to The Dharmawangsa is always a pleasant experience.   The minute that you enter, the atmosphere immediately changes, it is like entering a big family home, you immediately sense that they want to ensure that your stay is memorable.


Their stately Majapahit Lounge, named after the vast Javanese empire dating back to 1293, has been the venue of many happy encounter with friends.  It’s rich décor and warm, cozy ambiance is perfect for times spent with friends. And to my delight, these moments with friends have always been fueled with no other than The Dharmawangsa’s legendary Chocolate Martini.

I’ve been told that the Chocolate Martini was first served around 16 years ago when the hotel first opened.  I guess to choice to serve such a classic cocktail in such a splendid place is fitting.  Even the service ritual is impressive. The bartender brings a tray with all the ingredients by your side and prepares the drink in front of you.  The cold and smooth cocktail is indeed very hard to resist.

If you are in the mood for a chat with friends and would like to experience a true Jakarta icon, head over to The Dharmawangsa for their velvety smooth Chocolate Martini.


  • 60 ml Premium Vodka
  • 52.5 ml Creme de Cacao White
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Ice (lots of it)
  • 1 Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss


  1. Rim the Martini glass with chocolate ganache about 1.5 cm from the glass’ rim
  2. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker, shake with lots of ice
  3. Pour into dip rimmed cold chocolate martini glass
  4. Drop in one chocolate kiss




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